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1. How can I learn more about my tests?

  • Contact your healthcare provider
  • Find information on reliable websites

          -Genetics Home Reference:

          -Web MD:

          -Lab Tests Online:

2. How can I prepare for my test?

  • Your healthcare provider may instruct you to fast overnight or several hours prior to your appointment.

3. Should I continue to take my medications and vitamins and mineral supplements prior to my test?

  • Continue to take your medications unless your healthcare provider has instructed otherwise. Ask your healthcare provider about vitamins and mineral supplements specifically.

4. How can I acquire my test results?

  • Results will be sent to your physician, contact your physician's office to acquire your results.

5. Why have I received a bill?

  • The bill you have received is for the services we provided that were ordered by your healthcare provider. If you have received a bill from us that indicates that we do not have your correct insurance information or your insurance company has provided us with information that implies you are responsible for a portion of the cost.

6. Why didn't my insurance company cover this claim?

  • Your insurance company should send you an Explanation of Benefits that explains which services were paid for or denied. For additional information please contact your insurance company.

7. How do I file a claim using secondary insurance for the remaining portion of my bill?

  • Mail your bill along with the Explanation of Benefits from your primary insurance company to your secondary insurance company's claim processing address.

8. My insurance company has issued a check, should I mail it to Oxford Lab?

  • Yes, make sure you endorse the back and send a copy of the Explanation of Benefits with it to our address.